abar team


We are a family and we put our employees first. We take care of each other first and foremost, so that we can in turn take care of our customers, communities and suppliers.​


We foster personal and meaningful connections with our community of suppliers, customers, staff and local organisations.​

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Honesty & Authenticity

We are transparent in all that we do. Staff are given regular opportunities to discuss development, and given the forum for two way feedback. With customers, we share in the journey of our food from farm or sea to plate. We talk to our customers as though they are friends, sharing in our challenges and welcoming feedback.​


We offer exceptional customer service to all who cross our path. We demonstrate this innate hospitality not only to our customers but to all servicemen, suppliers and contractors who we deal with. By building relationships and showing respect to those who help us to run smoothly, we deepen our connection with the local community.​

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